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My Updated Foundation Routine

        My Updated Foundation Routine

        I have a combo for my foundation routine. I tried to mix the SanSan HD liquid foundation (Beige) with the LOL foundation (Darkest shade) and it turned out so well. If you've been wanting to have a korean glow, you better try out this combo. But make sure you use a good setting powder if you don't want to look cakey.  :)

     If you haven't watch my UPDATED FOUNDATION ROUTINE on youtube, Please watch it ! ^^

    Here are the Products i used in that   video!

   -Sansan HD Liquid Foundation (Beige)

        -Lol Foundation (03 Sand Beige)

         -Elf Tone Correcting Concealer
   -Nichido Final Powder in Creamy glow

For question and inquiries, feel free to ask or just comment down below. Thankyou! ^^

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