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Back To School Haul

Hello There! We all know that summer vacation is OVEEER! And I hate it because I wasn't able to enjoy my summ-aaah vacay because of my summer classes and hospital internship. But what can I do? I have no choice but to accept the fact that "PASUKAN NA!". ://
Okay! Tama na! Here are the items I bought for school. And Im glad to share with you guys that I was able to fill in the budget w/c my tita set for me to spend. She gave me P1500 at may sukli pa. San ka pa diba?? ;)
School Supplies 2014 (BackToSchoolEdition)
             *Shoulder Bag P199.75

      Ultra Sheer Pantyhose P89 each

            *Filler Notebook P154.75

             *Spring Notebooks

               *Yellow Pad Papers

                       *Memo Pads

                     *Reminder NB

                 *Correction Tape
                       *Pencil Case

          *Pens/ Highlighters/ Eraser / Sharpener


My Updated Foundation Routine

My Updated Foundation Routine
        I have a combo for my foundation routine. I tried to mix the SanSan HD liquid foundation (Beige) with the LOL foundation (Darkest shade) and it turned out so well. If you've been wanting to have a korean glow, you better try out this combo. But make sure you use a good setting powder if you don't want to look cakey.  :)
     If you haven't watch my UPDATED FOUNDATION ROUTINE on youtube, Please watch it ! ^^
    Here are the Products i used in that   video!
   -Sansan HD Liquid Foundation (Beige)
        -Lol Foundation (03 Sand Beige)
         -Elf Tone Correcting Concealer    -Nichido Final Powder in Creamy glow

For question and inquiries, feel free to ask or just comment down below. Thankyou! ^^
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