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Snow Crystal White Tomato

Snow Crystal White Tomato: Natural Sunscreen Are you having a hard time looking for products that would help you even out your skin tone and protect it from UV rays and nourish your skin from within at the same time?  Well, the long wait is over because you can now find all of those in just one tablet. Vida Nutri Science, maker of the famous SNOW SKIN WHITENING CREAM and LOTION, introduces their newest product: SNOW CRYSTAL WHITE TOMATO, a combination of PhytoflORAL, L-Glutathione and Bioperine.

WHAT IS SNOW CRYSTAL WHITE TOMATO? It is a food supplement that essentially gives your body natural defense from UV Rays. It contains some of the most potent constituents for fresh and healthy white skin. It comes in tablet and soap form.

Recommended Usage: 1 Tablet a day SRP: 2985.00 Where to buy: Available at all leading drugstores nationwide starting July 2017

This is the perfect soap for healthy, lighter, and younger-looking skin.
Active Ingredients: ØIBR- Snowflakes- …